is an equipped mobile workstation designed to revolutionise the workstation and service concept.

If you want to offer customers numerous services, DYNAMIC is the right instrument. Its interchangeable modules let you optimize your fleet, without having a dedicated van for each activity. With DYNAMIC you choose the service to offer, load the dedicated equipment, unload it then perform the service!


DYNAMIC is a working time saving instrument and saving space as well. With the DYNAMIC, you can work everywhere.


No more vehicle down time and unused vehicles, thus saving time and money. All in compliance with workplace safety regulations. Your employees will no longer have to handle heavy equipment. No effort, DYNAMIC takes care of it.

Flexibility is DYNAMIC


allows you to:

  • Change modules instead of changing vans
  • Work in poorly accessible areas (historical town centres, alleys…)
  • Enlargement of the geographical commercial area
  • Supply electricity, water and air even where these utilities are not present
  • Offer more services


can be of use to you if:

  • You are a multi-service company
  • You are a civil service company
  • You are a cleaning company
  • You are a construction company
  • You are an automotive company


is added value for you:

  • Time saver
  • Optimization of resources and equipment
  • Personalisation of services
  • Emergency service
  • No vehicle down time

How is DYNAMIC made?

DYNAMIC is an equipped workstation that can be loaded into a van and different modules can be attached to its structure using the patented quick coupling system, offering a personalized and flexible service.

he body of the DYNAMIC, which houses the interchangeable modules, can autonomously produce air and electricity.

It is designed and manufactured in Italy using high quality components.


The DYNAMIC BASIC is a simpler version of Dynamic, more suitable for those who already have some accessories of the complete version.

Two versions



  • Agile and resistant motorised pallet truck
  • 2 x 12 V batteries
  • 16 HP petrol engine
  • Production of electricity at 12-24-220-380 V
  • Electrical panel with 220 – 400 V sockets
  • 2-stage/2-cylinder compressor with low noise system
  • 100 L air tank
  • Pressure switch and pressure regulator
  • Production of air up to 12 bar
  • Quick coupling system to the modules
  • Safety light and siren
  • L230 x W120 x H150 – 560 kg


DYNAMIC is a more flexible solution to meet your needs. It is designed to house equipment and tools that are not built-in. You choose which machines are used based on your needs. You can equip your DYNAMIC Basic with your own compressor and/or generator.

  • Agile and resistant motorised pallet truck
  • 2 x 12 V batteries
  • Quick coupling system to the modules
  • Workbench
  • Safety light and siren
  • L230 x W120 x H130 – 280 kg

What is the module and how is it connected?

The DYNAMIC module is a metal support that can be quickly and effortlessly attached and released from the DYNAMIC body by means of the patented quick coupling system.


It is designed to house a work tool kit, which can be completely personalized based on your professional needs.

The modules are interchangeable

With several modules, numerous services can be offered.
Endless possibilities in all sectors.
If you have an idea, we can realize it!


An entire workshop in your van

Dynamic is perfect for mobile tyre shops and workshops. Change modules in just a few seconds and offer your customers a complete service. Depending on the situation, the operator can choose to work directly on the vehicle, on the ground or in the workshop.

One van, numerous services

If you are a multi-service company, Dynamic is what you were waiting for. No more vehicle down time and unused vehicles, save time and money! Change the module in just a few seconds and offer a different service without changing vans. You can bring all your tools to the site of the job, even in areas with limited access.

Commercial vehicles setting

DYNAMIC can be employed on all kinds of standard vehicles.

You can choose to work comfortably on the vehicle, on the ground or in the workshop, according to your needs.
To load and unload DYNAMIC from the vehicle you need to use a WM System loading ramp.


DDYNAMIC is a product developed by WM SYSTEM, active since 25 years in the mobile service.


WM System’s philosophy has always been focused on improving work conditions, consequently cost efficiency and respecting environmental conservation. The company was born to respond positively to market demands, and for this reason, the dynamic and stylistic research and the customer service become key elements.


Our products are completely made in Italy with selected high quality materials.


Made in Italy


Two years warranty


Patented system