Automotive sector

The whole workshop now travels with you

Change the modules in a few minutes thanks to the patented locking system and offer a 360-degree full service mobility.

Modules for automotive sector


Module for truck tyre changer

from 250 to 360kg


Module for car tyre changer

from 250 to 360kg


Module for internal/external washing

from 200 to 300kg


Module for light mechanical interventions

from 200 to 300kg


Module for oil change and servicing

from 200 to 350kg


Customize your module

The various applications of DYNAMIC are endless. If this mobile working system pleases you, feel free to contact us to explain your ideas.

We are committing ourselves to realizing them.

Offer something that nobody else is offering


an added value

for you

  • Optimizing time
  • No vehicle stop
  • Increasing the commercial geographical working area
  • Personalizing the services
  • Emergency service


an added value

for the customer

  • Saving time
  • Improving quality of life
  • Personalized service

Words by those who have chosen us

Module Truck Service

Equipped with:

  • Truck tyre changer (11” – 27”)
  • Hydraulic wheel nut fastener with torque setting/regulation

Video Module Truck Service

Module Car/Motorcycle Service

Equipped with:

  • Car tyre changer (12” – 24”)
  • Wheel balancer

Video Module Car/Motorcycle Service

Module Washing Service

Equipped with:

  • A 150bar high pressure cleaner with a 200L water tank and a tank for recuperating the waste water



  • Vacuum cleaner/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Sheet to recuperate waste water
  • Foam distributing device for internal/external car cleaning and waxing
  • Steam device

Module for light mechanical interventions

Equipped with:

  • Chest of drawers
  • Workbench (customized according to personal specifications)

Video Module for light mechanical interventions

Module for car maintenance

Equipped with:

  • Tools (possibility to customize to personal specifications) for ordinary car maintenance
Find out the automotive set-up

Commercial Vehicles Setting

Dynamic Special Setting

DYNAMIC Special Setting

DYNAMIC Special Setting is a dedicated modification of the chassis. It consists of an intelligent structure suitable for every commercial vehicle with front wheel drive and capacity up to 35 qLicense B is enough and there is no need for special homologation..


By opening the lateral sides you obtain two practical roofs under which can work comfortably, in any weather condition.


A light and practical structure that optimizes the carrying capacity, allowing you to be operative within 90 seconds.


  • It is possible to work comfortably on the vehicle, sheltered, on the highway or in areas with a reduced working space.
  • It is possible to work comfortably on the ground, fastly unloading all types of equipment.
  • It is also possible to load a car on the vehicle to create the perfect working height for wheel service.
  • Si può lavorare comodamente sul mezzo, al coperto, in autostrada o in condizione di spazio ridotto
  • Si può lavorare comodamente a terra, scaricando velocemente ogni tipo di attrezzatura
  • Si può caricare una vettura sul mezzo per lavorarci ergonomicamente a bordo