The new image of WM System

We have focused on a new, more modern and professional corporate image, in line with what we have become today.
Starting from the new WM SYSTEM brand, which after 27 years received a restyling of shape and colors.

We want to share with you now, the new WM SYSTEM COMPANY SITE

A separate site in the three 3 divisions of WM: Loading ramps, Access ramps and Dynamic, in order to be more direct for those who consult.

An element of coordinated image, which comes out very strongly from the site, is the attribution of particular colors to the various business units:

• the LOADING RAMPS «inherit» a dark blue from the WM brand (this makes sense since it has always been our core-business, the roots of WM)

• the world of ACCESS RAMPS is beautifully green, which symbolically is the color of accessibility, the possibility of passing, allowing (see traffic lights)

• the DYNAMIC takes on the blue, as it is the «young» spin-off of WM, which bets on the future and on the change in the way of working of the sectors to which it is addressed

A site created in 5 languages ​​and with a clear and professional imprint.