Our modular carts, for a new type of mobility

The news of this year is the MODULAR CARTS, which revolutionize the concept of mobility on the van.

The carts allow a fast loading /unloading of the van and the van remains free for other purposes!                                                                                                                            The carts allow an easy moving without having to remove their content. The carts can be loaded directly from the warehouse, and prepared the day before.  100% Customizable.         The vehicle total weight is easy to control. Results in a major total weight control avoiding transport of unnecessary equipment. The carts are easily adaptable to all kind of vans and are interchangeable among each other. The carts can be stacked one upon the other.  The carts allow a much better work organization.


This solution will be presented at the TRANSPOTEC fair (21-24 February) in Verona. Come and discover it!